Harley SwiftDeer


Harley SwiftDeer Reagan
1941 June 9  – 2013 Sep 10 


When Thunder is just Rolling 
nothing special happens, 
it is just building up energy.

But when Thunder Strikes
 it has a noticeable effect! 

Harley SwiftDeer struck Sweden in 1985.

     A piece of history, a song from the Last Century.

We can say that the foundation for this had been laid by Castaneda who wrote about his teacher, the sorcerer don Juan (and his friend don Genaro), who took him on several adventures which he has described in his books that were quite popular in the 70s.

Harley SwiftDeer´s teachers on the Medicine Road ( magic, shamanism or sorcery or whatever you want to call this "Knowledge about Reality") was first his grandmother Spotted Fawn and then don Genaro, Tom Two Bears Wilson". 

Every teacher in Spirituality claims to get knowledge from above and from below, be it from gods, spirits, angels, ancestors or whatever we prefer to call it.  That is the basic meaning of "spirit" and also the origin of our word "inspiration".  

SwiftDeer was no exception. Apart from talking with all kinds of nature spirits and ancestors he said that he belonged to the tradition of the Twisted Hairs, which means Medicine People who are learning from various sources of knowledge and not only sticking to their own tribal traditions.

As their speciality is "Dreaming" the Twisted Hairs communicate also on the Dreamtime. 
The Western concepts for this is not just "dreaming", it is "lucid dreaming", "astral travelling" and "OB-experiences" and what these dreamers call "Dreamtime" is what we call "The Astral World". 

Our existence here is also called "Dreaming" so the dreaming in itself is not the crucial factor. The thing is to be conscious in the dream, regardless of on which plane the dreaming goes on.

If mastering lucid dreaming is the invisible key to the secret door to these meetings with people from ancient times the group can very well be called secret. And the "living ones" have no interest in announcing their presence to the world. They are using special channels, like for example Castaneda and SwiftDeer.
I would suspect that also Rolling Thunder came on the same wind in 1982.

 A ceremony is not at all just to jump around 
with a drum waving some crystals and feathers! 
It is not to build a circle of stones 
and then just dance criss cross over it.
No, no!

The basic grammar for the ceremonies is in this tradition presented in the form of Medicine Wheels, which are mirrors of the hidden reality indicating where the energy channels are and in which ways the energy can go and should go according to the performer´s intent.

SwiftDeer "was a Gemini" and the interest in languages and communication is typical for a person who has the Gemini sign strong in the astrological chart. I would say that SwiftDeer was a teacher in language but on another level. 
It was about the communication between different energies and energy patterns anywhere, but also between different parts within our psyche and it was also about how to communicate with our different, forgotten memories that are pushing us here and there turning us into ships that are drifting around in the winds on the big sea with all the captains asleep.
He had interesting maps and beautiful methods for everything.

Mercury in the first house 
indicates a well developed, alert and quick mind that is very much suited for teaching but it also means a certain restlessness, a desire to be on the move. 

Mercury trine MC 
is good for working in an area of communication and it gives an ability to communicate in a clear and logical way.

Mars trine Mercury 
gives an extra portion of energy to the mind and makes you say what you mean, which makes people trust you when they feel that you are not hiding. It is excellent for communication and working with groups.

Mars on MC 
means that you want to do things in your own way so you need independency and freedom.

Venus on AC
means that you are a charming person and you can also make others feel good, especially in social groups. This is mostly a very appealing person. 

Sun opposition Moon 
is also interesting as it is very precise (18:16 and 18:20). You learn about yourself through opposition and it can be any kind of opposition, as for example fighting. You also want to know the deeper truths about reality, the truth that is beyond our personal opinions. You can experience an opposition between your identity and your emotions and you might have to work extra with your past.

Sun in House 12
can give an unusual good insight in the supernatural powers because you like to withdraw and be alone with your fantasy and your mysteries. This is a person who has his power when he is alone on the vision quest because it means inner strength and introspection. Inner power!

Jupiter in House 12
also makes you find strength in your inner world.

SwiftDeer was also a very successful martial artist, which shows his good mental ability to choose a creative and beautiful outlet for his full moon energy. He was also shooting with the gun, something that we are maybe less impressed by.

It was the beginning of a new era when the Red Indians´ basics for making ceremonies in nature were taught to a huge amount of white people in Europe. It was what Rolling Thunder had hinted 3 years earlier.

The Sweet Medicine Sundance Teachings
Smoking Indonesian Clove Cigarettes. 
that smelled like incense!

SwiftDeer conducted the first Sweat Lodge Ceremony that we had ever seen or even heard about.
This was not the only thing that was new to us because SwiftdDeer, who came together with his apprentice and co-teacher Batty, was bringing a mountain of new knowledge which mainly consisted of the teachings from Red Indian Medicine Men, magicians, healers, time-travellers and sorcerers.... the Twisted Hairs!

SwiftDeer also did not see life as something that would be limited to the physical planet Earth and he taught his disciples how to use the Medicine Circles and Wheels to communicate with the Star Nation People as well as with the Ancestors and the Nature Spirits.

The Medicine Wheels can also be said to be the Grammar of Magic. It can be called earthology instead of astrology but it is the same way of having all possible aspects in circles to be able to see more clearly the patterns of the energy paths between them. It is the Knowledge of The Whole.
Reality is being split up and then put together in a special pattern that reflects the Intent of the Magician.

He did not discuss our way of life – he just stepped beyond it and ignited a new life-spark that from now on continued to grow in our minds and hearts as well as in our physical reality.

His teachings were about Shamanic Drum Journeys, Power Songs, Power Animals, the use of Power Places for ceremonies, how to use Medicine Items and many, many different Medicine Wheels, which were not only maps of nature and cosmos, but also maps of the human psyche.
Only his teachings about how to use different kinds of crystals for healing could have filled an entire workshop of a whole week.

What SwiftDeer presented was not only the methods of the Medicine Man in general. It was also the Way of the Spiritual Warrior and the Dream Time concepts of the Sorcerer,  mixed with the tricks of the Heyoka.
The capacity of being able to put everything at the right place, wherever it comes from, is the main power of the Way of the Twisted Hairs regardless of these Dreamers  presence here or there in time and space.


Some more photos from this workshop:

SwiftDeer initiated a new era.
We were singing and drumming and talking with Ancestor Spirits and nature spirits as well as with long forgotten karma and the beautifully decorated Medicine Pipe in the hands of Batty was the key to both open and close our new magical window from the West.

SwiftDeer´s unique spark of Spirit started a new fire and from now on wheels were built in nature and people were making all kinds of ceremonies which had their focus on Mother Earth and her children and Medicine Wheels got blended with our own old Nordic tradition.
Bowls with sage were passed around in the circles together with the Talking Sticks and the smoke went up to both Thor and WakanTanka

The smell of sage and Clove Cigarettes... 
Batty with the smudge bowl

Batty, SwiftDeer and Mikael W Gejel

And then... 
an abrupt end under a rain storm at Arlanda Airport
when they inexorably disappeared behind the hard iron gates and flew away.
My new magic world crashed!

I knew that if I had tried to run after them the police would have taken me,
so I just went out and sat in my car for an hour or so
feeling horribly drowned in heavy waters.

Everywhere around me I only saw metal, concrete and rain. 

But... that is how thunder works! 
It comes and it goes.

Maybe you get struck
or maybe you don´t!

These two weeks are still dancing in my heart and in my dreams.

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